Area: 131,957 km2 / 50,949 sq mi
Pop: 11.215.197 (2011)
capital: Athens
currency: Euro (€)



Greece is one of the oldest countries in the world. It is rich in cultural heritage sites, including Prehistoric, Ancient Greek, Ancient Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.It is also famous for its natural beauty.... More

Greece is at the cross roads of European and Asia and consequently it is where many cultures meet. As a result the country has a huge history and is embellished with some of the most famous archaeological sites and historic buildings in the world. It include the Acropolis in Athens, Ancient Knossos in Crete and legendary monastic complex at Mount Athos to name just a few. It is however, rich in natural beauty. The islands are a huge tourist draw as they are soaked in sunshine and adorned with idyllic landscapes and beaches. But also there are many places in the interior worth visiting. In the south, Arcadia in the Peloponese, the Pindus Mountains in the centre and in the north you have stunning landscapes in the Rhodope mountains, the Evros and the Nestos Deltas and the fascinating Dadia forest. Greece is also popular with visitors for its contemporary culture: music, dance and of course the cuisine. Indeed, thanks to its glorious climate most plants can grow in Greece. The country is now growing tropical fruits like avocados and even bananas. Wine possibly began in Greece and there is the local 'retsina' a special wine mixed with the sap of the pine tree.

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