GreeceMeNow (facebook : is an outsanding travel and tour agency that provides visitors with fantastic offers. You can select a choice of great and wonderful tours and activities in the region of Kavala, Drama, Xanthi and on the islands of Thasos and Samothrace.
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Below is a list of these outdoor activities:
GreeceMeNow offers great outdoor activities including:
1. Canoe- kayak & rafting on the Nestos River for just 15 Euros.
2. For 40 Euros, you can hire a jeep and drive in the Rhodope mountain, visit the picturesque Pomak villages as well as admire the breathtaking views of the mountains.
3. Of bird watching enthusiasts you can for 30 Euros go on a special bird watching tour in the Nestos Delta and wetlands.
4. A hiking tour in the Rhodope Mountains for 35 Euros.
5. Or, if you prefer a mountain biking tour in the Rhodope for 40 Euros.
6. For those you like adventure, try the canyoning and see spectacular cliff faces and waterfalls for 60 Euros.
7. For 10 Euros you can enjoy riding horses in the banks of Nestos, wall climbing – flying fox and archery.

GreeceMeNow offer some great tours.
1. “Kavala, step by step”: this is a sightseeing tour to explore the beauties of the historic town of Kavala. You will visit the castle, the home of Mehmet Ali the founder of modern Egypt and zig-zag historic and picturesque streets of the old historic town.
2. “Tour in Kavala”: this include a visit of Kavala town but also historic sites elsewhere in the prefecture include the stunning and historic archaeological sites of Philippi where St. Paul first preached Christianity in Europe.
3. “Visit Thassos”: This beautiful island was assumed in antiquity to be one of the island of the Sirenes in Homer’s Odyssey. An island of outstanding natural beauty adorned and beaches with historic monuments.
4. “Visit Kavala”: Within a few hours, you will reach Kavala starting from the island of Thassos. In a daily tour, discover Kavala and its fascinating religious and cultural sights and return back in Thassos at the end of the day.
5. “Tours in Thassos”: Within a few hours, you will reach Kavala starting from the island of Thassos. In a daily tour, discover Kavala and its fascinating religious and cultural sights and return back in Thassos at the end of the day.

You can get more information on these tours:

Cruises on
1. “Cruise in Troy”: One of the best and the most beautiful cruises in the North Aegean sea. 5 days – 4 nights… Start from Keramoti’s port or Kavala’s port and visit Samothrace, Tsanakale in Turkey and end up in a unique tour in Troy. Meet the magnificent shores of Turkey, swim in the crystal clear waters, enjoy the sailing and live the history from within. Price per person: 500euros.
2. “4-hour cruise from Kavala or Thassos”: If you need a break from your everyday life, GreeceMeNow organises 4-hour cruises by sailing boat in the morning or in the afternoon. You may start from Kavala, Keramoti, Iraklitsa, Limena or Limenaria and visit gorgeous beaches that will amaze you
3. “8-hour cruise from Kavala or Thassos”: GreeceMeNow offers an 8-hour cruises by sailing boat for those who want to relax in a beautiful beach and to enjoy the sun. The cruise starts from Kavala, Keramoti, Iraklitsa, Limenas or Limenaria and you will have the chance to dive into crystal clear waters and to see marvelous beaches. Price per person : 65 euros for adults and 55 euros for children.
4. “Tour of Thassos”: Discover the Sirens’ island by making the tour of the island. Starting point is Keramoti’s port at 8.30 a.m. and returning point at 9.00 p.m. at the same place.
5. “Excursion to Agio Oros (the Holy Mountain of Athos) ”: If you wish to visit the so called “Garden of Virgin Mary” and experience unique moments then you have to choose the cruise to the Mount Athos. Starting point at 9.00 a.m. from Limenaria and returning point at 6.00 p.m. at the same place.
6. “Daily cruise from Kavala to Thassos”: Another fabulous cruise that you will definitely love. We start either from Kavala or Iraklitsa at 9.00 a.m. towards Limena and Limenaria. The cruise ends at 9.00 p.m.
7. “Family cruise from Kavala or Thassos”: This cruise is ideal for families. Lots of activities that you and your children will love. Some of them are sailing, diving, snorkeling, swimming and canoe-kayak in the sea. You can also make your own program
8. “Discover Samothrace”: 2-day or 3-day cruises to the amazing island of Samothrace. Explore Vathres and the wild nature of the island. Visit Kamariotissa and make the tour of the island. You may start from Keramoti or Limenas. Accommodation and breakfast on the boa
9. “2-day cruise to Thassos”: 2-day cruises to the Emerald island. Visit marvelous beaches and swim in crystal clear waters. Start from Kavala, Keramoti or Iraklitsa and return back to the same spot.
10. “3-day cruise to Chalkidiki”: 3-day cruises to Chalkidiki. Tour around Chalkidiki, see the “Garden of Virgin Mary” with the admirable monasteries and visit amazing beaches. Enjoy your meal on the boat.
11. “Adventurous escape from Thassos”: If you are adventurous types and want to live unique experiences in a day then you can combine cruise by sailing boat, jeeping, canoe, bird watching and many other activities. Start at 9.00 a.m. from Limenas and return at 6.30 p.m. at the same place.


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