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MARIOS TRAVEL: seven day tour in the Holy Land

7 Day Pilgrimage Tour
Holy Land (Holy Tuesday)
departing February 20, 2015
Day 1 2/20/15 (Friday evening to Saturday) Thessaloniki – Athens - flight to Tel Aviv
For departures from Thessaloniki
Meeting at Thessaloniki airport at 19.00 o'clock; flight to Athens at 20.35, arriving at 21.25.
We continue our flight, operated by Aegean Airlines, from Athens to Tel Aviv at 22.30. Arrival 00.30 (twelve thirty after midnight, local time). Transfer to our hotel and then relax.

Day1 – For departure from Athens
Departure from Greece to Israel. Meeting at the airport "El. Venizelos" at the counter of Aegean Airlines, at 20.30 o'clock. Flight to Ben Gurion Airport, Tel Aviv with Aegean departing at 22.30 arrival time. Arriving at00.30 (twelve and a half after midnight). Transfer to our hotel, fit, relax.
2nd day JERUSALEM Saturday 02/21/14
Departure for the Church of the Resurrection of our Lord where we worship at Tomb of our Lord, Jesus Christ, the Cross, at the mount of Golgotha, the Place of the Finding of the True Cross and other shrines located inside the Church of the Resurrection. This is followed by a visit to the Patriarchate where His Beatitude will accept us. The Patriarch of Jerusalem Mr. Theophilus will lead the pilgrimages in the Old City by taking us to the Praetorium, crossing the path of martyrdom. We continue to the House Joachim & Anne. From we move on to the Lions Gate and move on further to the Garden of Gethsemane where we will worship the Tomb of Our Lady. We leave the garden of Gethsemane, that is, the Place of Treason, the Rock of Agony. We then vitist the Pilgrimage Church and the Place of the stoning of Saint Stephen. We then return to the hotel for dinner and sleep.
3rd Sunday of Tyrinis 02/22/15 Jerusalem
Church attendance in the Church of the Resurrection, in the presence of the Holy and Life-giving Tomb of our Christ is located. Visit the monasteries in the old city of: Santanagia, Great Lady, St. John the Baptist, and St. Theodore. Free time in the old city of Jerusalem. Departure for the Monastery of the Holy Cross, we continue to the tomb of St. Symeon the Theodochos and completes transition to Holy Zion, where the the Last Supper happened, and the palpation of Thomas and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, Patriarchal School, the Tomb of David, the home of John where the Virgin Mary stayed. Return to hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day 4 Green Monday 23/02/15 Jericho - Jordan River – Samaria
Breakfast. Departure for Saint George Chozeva Ainon the canyon in the desert of Judea. Then switch to the Jordan River, the actual place of the christening of our Christ, which will be reenacted with blessings and "optional baptism of pilgrims." In Jericho, we visit the Sarantario Athos Monastery of Prophet Elijah where the elevation of Zacchaeus took place and then we visit the Monastery of Saint Gerasimos Jordanite. Finally we depart for the Samaria region where we will visit the church of Agia Fotini, where we venerate the relics of St. Philoumenos the Martyr and the well of Jacob, where Christ met the Samaritan (later Holy Light). In the evening dinner and overnight.
Day 5 Tuesday 02/24/2015 Jerusalem – Bethlehem
Early in the morning we set off to the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem where you will see the Divine Liturgy in the Holy Cave of the Nativity. Tour in the great Basilica of Justinian and pilgrimage to the cave with the bones of those innocence infants slaughtered by Herod rest. Visit to the Monastery of the Shepherds in the village of the Shepherds and then visit the Monastery of St. Theodosius Koinoviarchou - the Holy Cave of the Three Magi. We conclude our pilgrimage with a visit to Lavra of St Sava the Sanctified. In Bethany we worship at the Holy Monastery of Martha and Mary. Go to the Mount of Olives, where the Ascension of our Lord took place and His appearance in Little Galilee. Dinner and overnight. (At 23.00 o'clock departure for monitoring the Liturgy / vigil Holy Sepulchre). Return at about 03.30. (Sunday).

6th Wednesday 25/02 / 2015
Tiveriada – Galilee
Breakfast and departure for a day-long visit to the region of Galilee. In Nazareth where we will worship at the Church of the Annunciation. We continue to Kana, which held the first miracle of the Lord, the "conversion of water into wine", then Mount Tabor where he became the Transfiguration of Our Lord. Then optional an pilgrimage walk to the lake and optional lunch with fish of Lake Genissaret. Visit Capernaum which carried most of the miracles of our Lord and the Mount of Beatitudes where our Lord made the Sermon on the Mount and blessed the five loaves and two fish with which they ate and filled 5,000 people. Today we complete our pilgrimage day with a visit to the Monastery of St. Apostles in the city of Tiberias. Back in the evening at our hotel, dinner and overnight.
Day 7 Thursday 02/26/15 Jerusalem Tel Aviv - Athens – Thessaloniki
Breakfast and departure for the Church of the Resurrection, which last will worship the Holy and Life-giving Tomb of our Christ. Free time in the old city of Jerusalem. Boarding at 14.00 o'clock and depart to visit the Monastery of St. George Complex in Lida, where we venerate the tomb of St. Great Martyr George the Triumphant. Departure for the nearby airport in Tel Aviv, formal procedures, checking luggage and passports. Return flight at 18.50 o'clock, arriving in Athens at 20.50. We continue to fly to Thessaloniki at 22.00 o'clock and arrival at 22.50 o'clock.

For departures from Athens € 670
For departures from Thessaloniki: € 690 per person in double room - single room € 120 difference
- Flights with Aegean
- Accommodation in 4 star hotel / Shepherds House / Village of the Shepherds
- Transfer to and from domestic and foreign airports
- Half day
- Ascent to Mount Tabor taxi
- Go to Saint Sava
- Tours, tours as mentioned in the program, from priests of the Patriarchate
- Airport taxes and borders
- Experienced leader - escort the shrines of the Holy Land.
- Liability Insurance
Not included: Whatever is mentioned as optional in the program.
Notes: The passport must be issued new. Photocopy of passport must be submitted to our office. The program sequence can be in good reason. One week prior to departure will be given detailed instructions on pilgrimage. Tips 10 euros per person. (obligatory).
Ascend by cable car to Mount Sarantario € 12
Optional lunch with fish in Tiberias € 15
Optional pilgrimage tour by boat to Tiberias Sea € 10.
Reservations with a deposit of 200 euros per person.

Experience since 1995 Pilgrimage Tour of the Holy Land.
Consultants and Organizers Travel
Venizelos 33, 1st floor Kavala Tel. 2510 231423/232120 mobile 6977 912 818
E-mail info@mariostravel.com www.mariostravel.com

Ms. Magdalene Grandiki - Athanasiadou, owner and director of the tourism office Marios Travel Agency, specializing in a pilgrimage and religious tours since 1994 in centers where flourished Orthodoxy and Hellenism flourished. The main destinations are the Holy Land, the God-trodden Mount Sinai, Alexandria and Cairo, Jordan, Constantinople and Asia Minor from edge to edge, the omodoxes countries of Russia, Ukraine-(Crimea), Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia as well and Sicily-Great-Greece and the Greek-speaking Calabria Puglia.

An overt religious orientation, not only because of the personal call, but also the influence of the family environment, as niece Monk Daniil the cloister of Daniilaion of Mount Athos, but also as closely connected with the fellow elder Philip the Holy Monastery of St. Panteleimonos Chrysokastro Paggaio.

The organizational capability and experience is reflected beyond the successful pilgrimage tours, and capacity as a trainer of E.KE.PIS to specialty advisors and organizing travel for a number of training courses to adult learners and tour operators.


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