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All the civilizations have molded the Greek character, and influenced contemporary Greek culture. The love for art comes from the ancients. Greece has a dynamic cultural and artistic scene as can be seen from the myriad of museums, galleries, arts and crafts studios and shops exhibiting and selling new paintings, sculptures, ornaments, souvenirs, and all kinds of interesting an attractive items. Many of these things quote the past. Others develop new ideas. 
The country is embellished with hundreds of archaeological sites. These have a romantic beauty. For centuries artists have come to Greece to paint and now photograph and film these sites. Their pulling power can be seen from the many visitors they attract. The ancients understood nature and blended their architecture and towns with the natural environment. These archaeological sites show us how to merge our own creations with those of nature. Along the Black Sea Silk Road Corridor you can visit wonderful archaeological sites at Philippi, Abdera, Mesembria and Maroneis and on the islands of Thasos and Samothrace.
Greece is adorned with wonderful Byzantine heritage. The Byzantines, like the ancients understood that “man is the measure of all things”, so their churches, monasteries and buildings have a humility and a colour that also blends beautifully with the surrounding environment.  A typical example is the charming monastery dedicated to the Virgin Cosmosoteira at Feres, in the Evros Prefecture. You can also see fascinating Byzantine remains at Philippi and do not miss the spectacular Byzantine town of Didymoteicho.

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