Greece – visit the Gods!



Greece – visit the Gods!
Ancient Greek legend has it that the titans representing the elements would collide, mutate and spawn new elements, like earth, fire, water, air, and in time, the titans would spawn gods who would put order to the chaos. Ancient Greek religious beliefs were inspired by the natural elements and the wonder of nature, but also the wisdom of man. Greek gods were depicted as human beings and this anthropomorphism enabled the developed of Greek philosophy and artistic expression. Because the gods were not that distant from us humans so the Ancient Greeks felt confident and had the belief that they could examine and discuss the elements and thus develop scientific analysis and discuss and examine human nature, and thus also develop the social sciences. 
Ancient Greek temples changed their faith and became shrines to the one Christian god. Greek gods mutated and became Christian saints. Those temples dedicated to the goddesses Athena, Hera, Diana became Churches to the Virgin Mary, or other female saints. While the temples to Poseidon became churches to St. Nicolas, the patron saint of seafarers, the temples of the sun god Apollo became churches dedicated to St. Elias. Elias in Greek means the sun. Indeed, all the male gods mutated into saints.  

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