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Greece has a wild landscape, mainly of limestone but also volcanic rock. High mountains retain water as snow and slowly the water percolates down into the porous limestone rock which stores the water. More than the mountains, Greece is dominated by the Mediterranean sea. The mixture of sea and mountain and bright sunshine gives Greece colour that impress visitors and which artists and photographers keenly exploit.
In terms of fuana and flora, Greece is on the migratory route of birds migrating back and forth between Europe and Africa. Consequently a tremendous amount of hybridization of plants has taken place thanks to the birds which bring the seeds. The result is that Greece has an enormous amount of species of  plants and especially flowers. Lovers of plants and birds are well advised to come to Greece in early spring to witness the migration of birds and to view the colour of the flowers which carpets the entire country. Visit the natural parks along the Evros and Nestos Delta, Lake Kerkini, Rhodope Mountain and Dadia forest and witness the spectacle of spring in Greece. 

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