Total Area: 1,793 km2 (692 sq mi)
Population (2011) : 111,222



Xanthi Old Town is located on the site of a Byzantine town ... More

Welcome to Xanthi! Xanthi is the capital of the Prefecture of Xanthi (1,793 km2 (692 sq mi). The town's population is about 65 000, comprising the bulk of the 110 000 inhabitants of the prefecture. In the northern part of the city on a hilltop next to the river Kosyntho are the ruins of fortifications associated with a Byzantine woman called “Xantheia”. In the 19th century the cultivation of tobacco was the main occupation of the inhabitants of Xanthi. Tobacco was traded via the ports of Porto Lagos or Kavala. With its connections to major European tobacco firm, the city attracted consulates from Austria, Italy and America. The construction of numerous tobacco warehouses are evidence of a great economic boom for the region during this early twentieth century period. The economic prosperity of the city resulted in cultural development. indeed, Xanthi is one of the most culturally diverse towns in all Greece. Several languages are spoken. Greek is the priamry language, however, Turkish, Roma and Pomak are spoken also. The Pomaks are the second largest group cultural group living in the town after the Greeks. Theirs is a Slavonic language similar to Bulgarian and their religion is Islam. Xanthi is famous in Greece as the birth place of Manos Hadzidakis, who along with Mikis Theodorakis is the most popular 20th century Greek composer. Visitors can enjoy all kinds of amusements; including restaurants, bars, museums and visit the old town's outdoor bazaar - which the town boast to be the biggest and most lively in Greece. Browse the APP and enjoy Xanthi!


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