Prefecture of Drama:
Populations: 98,287 (2011)
Size: 3,468 km2 (1,339 sq mi)



Situated in the far north of Greece, the mountainous Prefecture of Drama. This is a fertile and lush region, covered in forests and wetlands. The economy was, until recently dominated by the cultivation of tobacco. ... More

in Greece the region of Drama is well-know for the fertile plain located just south of the town of Drama, where high quality tobacco is cultivated. North of the town the region is dominated byteh high mountains of the Rhodope moumtains which have supplied timber for the region's paper and furniture industries. The mountains are famous in Greece for the impressive fuana and flora, but also for their winter tourism, with ski resorts on Mount Phalakro. Situated at the foot of Mount Phalakro is Town of Drama which became an important centre during Byzantine and Ottoman times.

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