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  • 22nd part of Drama cultural routes - PORTOKALOGLOU TOBACCO WAREHOUSE

22nd part of Drama cultural routes - PORTOKALOGLOU TOBACCO WAREHOUSE


Drama Cultural Route


22nd part of Drama cultural routes - PORTOKALOGLOU TOBACCO WAREHOUSE

AT THE END OF the 19th and at the beginning of the 20th century the farming of tobacco in Drama increased significantly and, therefore, new buildings were constructed, notably the warehouses needed for the storage and processing of the tobacco leaves. These warehouses are buildings of two or more floors. They have deep cellars, where the tobacco leaves were stored before being processed, as well as ample storage space in the lofts, where the product was stored up upon completion of the processing. They have a right angle parallelepiped shape and their characteristic feature is their large number of windows. The masonry was of stonework reinforced with horizontal layers of brick. The corners are strengthened with protruding cornerstones in a jagged arrangement. 
There are eleven of them in town.
  A large and impressive tobacco storehouse, work of Konrad Von Vilas, is situated at 10 Perdikkas Street. It is one of the most important remaining industrial buildings of Drama’s peak. It has five levels: a cellar, a ground floor and three upper floors. Horizontal bands separate the levels and the center of the main façade features an interesting, from an esthetic point of view, central architectural prominence. The building is U-shaped. The interior still contains the machines, the stairwell with its iron balustrade that leads to the second floor, where the offices are, and the wooden beams. The faces of the building show a Central European influence and Art Nouveau features, like for instance the main entrance doors. The Art Nouveau movement, a reaction to the academic art of the 19th century, is an international artistic movement which dominated in Europe from 1890 to 1910. It expressed itself mainly in the fields of decoration, architecture, sculpture, furniture and jewelry. The Art Nouveau style is inspired by nature and its main characteristics are its plant-like patterns and curved lines. The Municipality of Drama has taken ownership of this tobacco storehouse, which since 2012 shelters some of the activities of the “Short Film Festival” annually organized in town.

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  • 22nd part of Drama cultural routes - PORTOKALOGLOU TOBACCO WAREHOUSE

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