Lake Kerkini

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Beautiful lake Kerkini - a birdwatchers' paradise!


Lake Kerkinis

This most beautiful lake is surprising a mand-made construction. Made in 1932 as a resevoir and re-developed as late as the 1980s. This lake is a magante for wildlife, especially birds. About 300 different species of birds have been identified. Of which about half are migratory. 31 bird species are protected by the EEC’s Directive in relation to wildlife and 76 birds are recorded in the National Red Book.

The lake of Kerkinis and the surrounding mountains and forests are a paradise of hikers with breath-taking views of spectacular landscape, of which the lake is one. Local tours take hikers and birds around the lakeside as well as hiking into the hillside and lake boat rides.  But more than anything the lake is a paradise for birdwatchers. One can see flocks of non-migrating species of birds such as:

- Black Storks,

- Squacco Herons,

- Purple Herons,

- Spoonbills,

-  Little Bitterns,

- a variety of Warblers.

There are also two endangered non-migrating species, the Pygmy Cormorant and the Dalmatian Pelican that live on the lake. observed here.

In the surrounding mountains, one can see other bird species including :

- Black Woodpeckers  

- Nutcrackers.

- Several species of eagles, like the White-tailed Eagle, the Lesser Spotted Eagle and the Golden Eagle;

- The Blue Rock Thrush

- Peregrine Falcons.


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