House of Mehmet Ali

This building is an important monument to the city of Kavala.


House of Mehmet Ali

Mohammed Ali Pasha (1769 - 1849), founder of the dynasty that ruled Egypt until 1952 was born in Kavala. His family was involved in the tobacco trade and in the military and administration of Kavala. The house in which he lived in until he was thirty has now been converted into a museum. This building is an important monument to the city of Kavala.
The building, constructed around 1780-90. It is the largest mansion in Kavala. It is considered to be one of the finest examples of 18th century Ottoman architecture in Greece. At the turn of the century, the house and gardens were extensively restored with funds from the the Egyptian state and Royal family.
This two-storeyed house has a total floor area of about 330 square meters. It consists of two parts, which are joined together at first floor level.
The two parts of the house: 
1. the Harem, which were the private areas used by the family as a whole, with quarters for the women and of domestic life, and 
2. the Selamlik, which were the men’s quarters. 
Typical of Ottoman mansions at the time, the building looks inward in order to emphasis privacy.
The main living quarters were on the first floor, with the rooms facing the west side and the sofa the south, while on the ground floor were the service areas. 
The living room has a  highly decorated ceiling.
All rooms have fire places.
The glazing on the windows is an example of the wealth of the household of Mehmet Ali
Mohammed Ali`s House overlooks the Square named after him. The square was designed by Ernesto Verucci Bey, who was Egypt`s chief court architect. Mohammed Ali`s statue, that dominates the square, was created by the Greek sculptor Dimitriadis, commissioned by the Greek communities of Egypt and offered to Mohammed Ali`s hometown. 

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