Nestos Delta Lakes Vistonida-Ismarida

Nestos Delta

Famous wetland rich in bird life.


Nestos Delta

The Nestos starts 213 km in Bulgaria between the ridges of the Orvilou Mountain in the Rhodope range. It descends through the “Stena”, i.e., its “narrow” middle course and finishes as a delta. The Nestos Delta is part of the National Park of Eastern Macedonia & Thrace.

Along the shores of the Nestos are 8 lagoons. Inland we find the Parapotamio Dasos, which forms a small part of the Great Forest (Koca Orman). Trees can exceed 120 feet (36 metres) in height. Unfortunately, most of the forest was cleared in the 1950s and now the forest has shrunk to 12,500 hectares. What is left is protected. It consists of poplar, oak, elm and lime trees and 12 species of climbing plants such as morning glory, ivy, hops and others which entwine around each other creating sunless corridors and arches reminiscent of a cathedral. The Nestos Delta also includes the 7 lakes of Chrisoupolis. These fresh water lakes have reeds, water lilies, wet grasslands and shrubs. The Delta is an important habitat for 227 bird species, 41 species of fish, 20 species of reptiles , 11 species of amphibians and 14 species of mammals including jackal and boar which are quite common.


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