Region of Serres

Region of Serres


Region of Serres

The Prefecture of Serres is famous in Greece for all sorts reasons. In 2014, it is always in the news because of the exciting excavations taking place at the archaeological site of Amphipolis, which is located by the sea at the mouth of the Sturum river. In Ancient times Amphipolis was the chief port of the Macedonian Greeks. It is from here that Alexander the Great set sail with his navy for Persia. Excavations are not new to Amphipolis. Since the First World War, archaeologists have known about the site and serious excavations began in the 1960s. However, it is today that the excavations are most exciting. The largest Ancient Greek tomb in Macedonia is being excavated. For whom the tomb was for is not yet known. Already some very interesting features have been unearthed including a mosaic depicting Hades, the god of under-world abducting the goddess Persphonie. The mosaic is uncannily similar to the painting at the famous tomb of Philip II, father of Alexander the Great at Vergina.
The town of Serres is also important. With its excellent cuisine, visitors would find much to enjoy in Serres. The food, the nightlife and the beauty of the town, never fail to charm visitors. Serres is also famous in Greece for having the largest motor racing circuit in all Greece.
The surrounding mountains, forests and rivers offer visitors breath-taking views of scenic valleys and interesting landscapes. The most famous of all is Lake Kerkini. This artificial lake was created in the 1930s. It has become an absolute paradise for birdlife. 300 species have been identified.  Kerkini is worth visiting at all times, especially in spring and autumn to view the migratory birds.

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