Soufli Silk Factories

Factories used for silk manufacture in Soufli


Soufli Silk Factories

Known as the "City of Silk" Soufli is also famous for its wine, raki, and meats.
Soufli is mostly known for silk manufacture.  4 factories were established by Azariah and Papo in1908, by Tzivre (1920), by P.. Chatzisavva of Tsiakiri (1954), and the state factory. 
Sericulture, or 'silk manufacture' began in Soufli in the mid 19th century. The industry remained dynamic until the 1950s when it began to decline rapidely. There is still in Soufli manufacture of silk and the weaving of silk garments. Visit the Art of Silk Museum and the Silk Museum to learn more about the town, its history and its role in the silk trade. You can also buy silk garments, like shirts, gloves, cravates, table cloths, hankichiefs and all sort of useful and attractive garments. Four silk making factories are still operating in the town.

The town is proud of its history. Indeed, the town is famous in Greece not just for making silk but for weaving it. Consulates from France and Italy were located in the town to assist in the trade in silk to benefit the luxury fashion making firms based in Paris and Milan.

These factories are impressive and are now undergoing conservation work. They town plans to put them to cultural and tourist use.

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