Town of Soufli

The town is famous for its silk making industry


Town of Soufli

During the Ottoman Empire, the town of Soufli administratively belonged to the Vilayet of Adrianople, which was an important economic, political and cultural centre that spread its influence across the east bank of the River Evros. It had a population of around 60,000 people. Its economic growth was due to sericulture, which remained the main economic activity of the area for many decades. For several centuries, the breeding of silkworms was the traditional occupation of the inhabitants of the Vilayet of Adrianople. Around 1840 the disease “piperitidas ”appeared in France and Italy, and destroyed their production of cocoons. Thus further stimulating the high demand of Soufli silk products giving added impetus to the development of sericulture in the Soufli area. Nowadays in Soufli handicrafts and small-scale cottage industries continue the long tradition of silk making. Traditional “cocoon houses” and mansions of notable have been restored and are now open to visitors. 
Soufli located northeast of Alexandroupolis and is 60 about kilometre from the heart of the Evros prefecture.
There are many interesting thigs to see in Soufli:
- the are two museums: Art of Silk Museum and the Silk Museum. The former is linked to a factory that is still operational and in the gift shop you can buy luxury silk garments of the highest quality. Both museums have excellent displays on the sericulture in this region;
- folklore museum "Ta Gnafala" with all kinds of artifacts and items relating to the culture of the people of Soufli and the wider region;
- the Municipal History Museum;
- impressive old silk making factories that are undergoing conservation. Aan interesting visit to make is the historic silk factory district'
- the town is adorned with l many interesting grand mansions where the silk merchants once lived.
Soufli, though a small town is full of excellent restaurants and cafes which the visitor can enjoy and savour.
Welcome to Soufli! 

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